Our 9 Steps Documented Process


Start with a no BS pricing. You can clearly see what all resources you're getting access to, for how many hours and for how many tasks. This saves teams at both ends from wasting time discussing non-productive contract terms.


Once we receive the upfront amount (either 50% paid twice a month or 100% paid once a month), we can start with the onboarding call, clarifying details of the tasks and the expected timeline to deliver the same.


We'll setup a ClickUp dashboard specifically customised for your project and will onboard your project manager/coordinator to ClickUp. This is how you can access and see progress of the project via laptop or even via phone.


We'll sync with your content team before beginning with design process. It's crucial to get content part ready upfront to avoid future too-and-fro as content works like a skeleton for the design.


Once content is final, our designer can start with the first draft of webpages either in Xd or Figma. Soon the first draft will be available for you to share initial feedback and get necessary changes done.


It's important to get most of the changes done at the design level. Once design changes are finally approved at your end, we start building HubSpot theme which will be powered by DND modules.


As soon as the HubSpot theme is ready, templates can be used to create webpages and import blogposts. Our HubSpot CMS certified team will soon finish creating all the webpages your business require.


This is the pre-final stage where our team does QA to avoid all possible bugs and typo issues before we submit it for final verification at your end. This will be the stage where all typos will be sorted (to err is to human).


As soon as webpages are ready, our SEO certified team can add the necessary meta and Schema tags to optimise the webpages for SEO and performance. One done, we're ready to put the project on the live domain with no possible downtime.