How to Add HubSpot Tracking Code to Your Website & Fix Attribution

How to Add HubSpot Tracking Code to Your Website & Fix Attribution
How to Add HubSpot Tracking Code to Your Website & Fix Attribution

Are you using HubSpot for marketing but having trouble keeping track of data on a website that is stored somewhere else? You are not the only one if that's the case.

Many businesses run into problems when they try to integrate HubSpot into websites or platforms that are non-HubSpot websites or platforms.

Don't worry, though! Today, we'll guide you through the process of installing the HubSpot tracking code into your existing website.

Adding HubSpot Tracking Code to Your Website & Fix Attribution

The HubSpot tracking code is essential for comprehensive data tracking and attribution, and each account has its unique code. So, if your website is already on HubSpot, you're covered.

However, if you're using a custom website or platform, here's what you need to do:

#1 Access Your HubSpot Account Settings:

Log in to your HubSpot account and locate the settings icon in the main navigation bar.

#2 Navigate to Tracking and Analytics Settings:

Within your account settings, find the section labeled "Tracking and Analytics."

#3 Locate the Tracking Code:

In the left sidebar menu, click on "Tracking Code" to access your unique code snippet.

#4 Copy the Tracking Code:

In the embed code section, click "Copy" or select "Email to My Web Developer" to send the code directly to your team member responsible for website maintenance.

#5 Install the Tracking Code on Your Website:

Paste the copied code just before the closing body tag (`</body>`) of your website's HTML. This ensures the code executes properly on every page.


If you're unsure about the technical aspects or encounter any difficulties, reach out to your web developer for assistance. Also, our team at CTA9 is always ready to help.

If you encounter any challenges while following these steps, don't hesitate to leave a comment below. 

By seamlessly integrating the HubSpot tracking code onto your website, you'll gain valuable insights into visitor behavior campaign performance and, ultimately, improve your marketing efforts.

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