How to Connect Social Media Account to HubSpot

How to Connect Social Media Account to HubSpot
How to Connect Social Media Account to HubSpot

Are you struggling to streamline your inbound marketing strategies? Stop searching and start using HubSpot! Having all your marketing tools centralized in one platform is crucial for a successful strategy.

This is where HubSpot really shines because of all the features it offers, like website builders, SEO tools, and more.

However, HubSpot also allows you to connect your social network accounts easily. Imagine automating your social sharing effortlessly!

Thanks to HubSpot, you may get reports that are exclusive to HubSpot or that include all of your platforms.

Connecting Social Media Account to HubSpot

Here's a step-by-step guide to connecting your social media accounts to HubSpot:

#1 Navigate to Marketing and Social:

To begin, log in to your HubSpot account and navigate to the Marketing tab. From there, select Social.

#2 Click on Connect Account:

Once you're in the Social section, click on the "Connect Account" button.

#3 Select Your Platform:

Choose the social media platform you want to connect with – whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

#4 Authorize Access:

For instance, if you're connecting your Twitter account, you'll be prompted to review the requested permissions, enter your username and password, and then click on "Authorize App."

#5 Customize Reporting Preferences: 

HubSpot allows you to customize your social reports by choosing which publishing data to include. Tailor it to your preferences for a more insightful analysis.


By following these simple steps, you'll seamlessly integrate your social media accounts with HubSpot, streamline your social sharing process, and gain valuable insights into your social media performance.

If you encounter any issues during the setup process, don't hesitate to leave a comment below.

Additionally, if you're interested in a custom implementation or need assistance with your HubSpot account, feel free to reach out. Our team is here to help you optimize your marketing efforts.

For further assistance or to schedule a free consultation, you can contact us at CTA9.

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