How to Create Custom Properties in HubSpot Objects

How to Create Custom Properties in HubSpot Objects
How to Create Custom Properties in HubSpot Objects

Want to know how to create custom properties in HubSpot objects?

We'll walk you through the steps that will show you how to add custom properties to HubSpot objects, which will give you a lot of options for improving data organization, grouping, and, eventually, the success of your marketing campaigns.

So, let's get started.

Creating Custom Properties in HubSpot Objects

Here's how to get started with creating custom properties in HubSpot objects:

#1 Access Your HubSpot Account: 

Begin by logging into your HubSpot account.

#2 Navigate to Contacts:

Once logged in, head over to the contacts section.

#3 Explore Contact Properties:

Within the contacts section, select a specific contact. On the left-hand side, you'll find a plethora of properties associated with that contact. Click on "view all properties" to see the complete list.

#4 Manage Custom Properties:

To manage custom properties, click on "manage properties," which is located at the top right corner. This will display all existing custom properties.

#5 Create New Property:

To create a new property, click on "create a property." You can define the type of property you want, whether it's related to contact information or activity. 

#6 Use New Property:

Once you've made a custom property, you can use it to sort and filter your data based on your preferences or any other factors you set.

#7 Additional Options:

Alternatively, you can access contact properties through settings > objects > contacts. This provides another option to manage and view existing properties.


By following these simple steps, you'll have the tools needed to enhance your inbound marketing strategies.

If you require further assistance or expert guidance, write down in the comments section below or connect to us via live chat right away. Our team is always ready to support you at any stage of your inbound marketing journey.

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