How to Create Lists (Segmentation) in HubSpot

How to Create Lists (Segmentation) in HubSpot
How to Create Lists (Segmentation) in HubSpot

Do you need assistance with maximizing the potential of your HubSpot data? Look no further: segmentation is the key, and making lists is the first step toward successful organization and targeting.

Segmentation is the process of dividing your contacts into specific groups based on criteria such as behavior, demographics, or interactions. Lists within the HubSpot ecosystem serve as containers for segmented data, enabling you to organize, target, and analyze your audience with precision.

In this guide, we will show you how to create Lists (Segmentation) in HubSpot, which will help you improve your marketing strategies and get real results.

Creating Lists (Segmentation) in HubSpot:


#1 Accessing List Creation: Begin by navigating to the 'Contacts' section in your HubSpot account. Scroll to the bottom and locate the 'Lists' option.

#2 Initiating List Creation: Click on 'Create List' in the top right corner to commence the list creation process.

#3 Choosing List Type: HubSpot offers two primary list types: Active and Static. An active list continuously updates based on specified criteria, while a static list remains fixed. Select the appropriate list type based on your segmentation needs.

#4 Defining List Criteria: After selecting the list type, proceed to add filters to define the criteria for inclusion in the list. Filters can be based on various attributes, such as form submissions, website interactions, or contact properties.

#5 Adding Filters: Click on 'Add Filter' to specify the criteria for segmenting your contacts. For instance, you can filter contacts based on form submissions by selecting the relevant option from the filtering type dropdown menu.

#6 Saving the List: Once you've configured the filters to your requirements, click on 'Save List' to finalize the creation process.

#7 Monitoring List Performance: Your newly created list will now be available for use within HubSpot. As contacts meet the defined criteria, they will be dynamically added to the active list, facilitating real-time segmentation.


Effective segmentation is the foundation for personalized marketing because it lets you create your content, messages, and campaigns to fit the needs of different groups of people.

Using HubSpot's lists to their full potential can help you narrow down your target audience, get more people to interact with your content, and increase sales.

You can take control of your data, make your efforts more effective, and find new growth possibilities with HubSpot's powerful list-building tool. Get started with segmentation right away to get the most out of your marketing.

If you face any difficulty, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns, either through the comment section below or by scheduling a one-on-one consultation call with our team at CTA9.

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