How to Hire a HubSpot Developer

How to Hire a HubSpot Developer

The traditional ways of marketing are slowing but gradually being replaced by modern CRM software like HubSpot, Salesforce, etc. While Salesforce is focused more on enterprise clients, HubSpot has changed its marketing strategy to focus on small and medium markets. And this has led to an increase in demand for HubSpot developers. 

How to Hire a HubSpot Developer?

If you are also looking to hire a HubSpot Developer then this blog will help you in making a rational decision.

But, let's first understand how HubSpot Developer is different from any other developers

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the primary languages used by coders in developing any web project. On the other hand, in order to be a successful HubSpot developer one must have hands-on knowledge of the templating language HubL. HubL is a templating language development language exclusively used for developing modules and templates on HubSpot.

Therefore, the first checkpoint before hiring a HubSpot Developer is to see if the developer is an expert in HubL.

Who is fit for the job?

It is necessary to have a clear understanding of the job roles and requirements before hiring a HubSpot CMS developer. The needs of your organization, the complexity and duration of the tasks, and your organization’s structure are the determining factors. Once you have a clear picture of the technical aspects of the project, you can think about hiring a HubSpot Expert for full-time, part-time, or outsourcing the job to a HubSpot partner agency.

  1. If your project requirements are related to web design that actually people can see then you need to hire a Front End Developer. 
  2. A Back End Developer makes sure that your webpages are connected to third-party apps via APIs. 
  3. And a Full Stack Developer is an all-rounder who has deep knowledge of both Front End and Back End web development tasks. 

Why are HubSpot Certified Developers a preferred choice?

Although the three pillar coding languages; JavaScript, HTML & CSS are essential for any website developer, having a HubSpot Certification adds to the value. HubL is a simplified language developed by HubSpot only and developers having few years of experience in the aforementioned languages find it easy to learn HubL. Having a HubSpot Developer Certification gives an extra edge with extensive knowledge of the system to the developer.

Additionally, HubSpot keeps on adding features, tools, and assets for its users. Having a HubSpot Certification means having in-depth knowledge of these tools and assets.

Now that we have a basic understanding of the HubSpot Development profile, the real question is where to find HubSpot Developers.

Once you have clearly penned down the project budget and requirements the task of hiring becomes easier. Here are some of the few channels that could be used to hire HubSpot Developers:

  1. Connect with HubSpot Certified Agencies and Developers - HubSpot regularly updates the list of HubSpot Certified agencies that have finished the certification process. You can choose by narrowing the search criteria by budget, country, ratings, etc.
  2. Hire from professional freelancing online marketplaces like platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, etc. - Online marketplaces are extremely helpful in finding the right agencies or professionals. These are equally popular amongst the service providers and companies and thus you will find HubSpot service providers with a variety of experience and skill sets.
  3. LinkedIn - LinkedIn is a lifesaver when it comes to connecting with professional service providers. The social media network for professionals is an unmatched asset for individuals and companies. Just write down the project details, job requirements, and hiring terms & conditions and post them on your personal account or company page. You will start getting responses in no time.

Apart from the above, you can also use various job portals like Naukri, Indeed, Hirect, etc. for hiring a candidate for the HubSpot CMS developer profile. 

We are committed to helping our readers find easy HubSpot solutions. If you think we should add more details to this post do let us know.

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