How to Setup HubSpot Live Chat on Landing or Website Page

How to Setup HubSpot Live Chat on Landing or Website Page
How to Setup HubSpot Live Chat on Landing or Website Page

Are you losing potential customers because they can't find the answers they need on your website? Imagine if you could fill that gap with a personal touch, guiding visitors through their questions in real-time.

With HubSpot Live Chat, you can do just that, effortlessly transforming leads into valuable customers. So today, we’ll learn how to set up HubSpot live chat on the landing or website page.

Setting HubSpot Live Chat on the Landing or Website Page

Below is the step-by-step guide on setting HubSpot live chat on the landing or website page:

Step 1: Navigate to Conversations and then Chat Flows in your HubSpot dashboard.

Step 2: Select "Create a new chat flow" and choose the website option, followed by the live chat option.

Step 3: Decide whether you want to implement an automated bot or engage with customers personally through live chat.

Remember, there's a difference between the two: chatbots provide predefined responses, while live chat allows for real-time interaction.

Step 4: Customize your live chat settings, including language, welcome message, knowledge-based search, and target audience.

Step 5: Choose your chat display behavior and avatar preferences to match your brand's personality.

Step 6: Set data privacy and consent options and determine whether contacts created through live chat should be treated as marketing contacts.

Step 7: Enable your live chat flow and preview it to ensure everything works smoothly.


By using HubSpot Live Chat, you're not only addressing visitors' queries promptly but also creating a seamless customer experience that builds trust and loyalty. Live chat can help you turn leads into customers.

If you encounter any difficulties during setup or require assistance with HubSpot custom solutions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at CTA9. We're here to help you optimize your inbound marketing strategy for success.

Let us know your thoughts and experiences with live chat in the comments below.

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