How to Setup Lifecycle Stages in HubSpot

How to Setup Lifecycle Stages in HubSpot
How to Setup Lifecycle Stages in HubSpot

In HubSpot, lifecycle stages show you where a customer is in their journey and let you change how you talk to each lead based on their current stage. By putting leads into different steps of the process, you can see how they're progressing and effectively guide them toward conversion.

Today, we'll get into the details of how to setup lifecycle stages in HubSpot, which will help you streamline your work and achieve success.

By setting different lifecycle stages, you can effectively track and manage your leads.

Setting Up Lifecycle Stages

Here's how to get started:


#1 Navigate to Settings: Begin by accessing the settings menu within HubSpot.

#2 Select Contacts: Within the settings, locate the "Contacts" section on the left-hand side.

#3 Access Lifecycle Stage: Under "Contacts," you'll find the option for "Lifecycle Stage." Click on it to proceed.

#4 Customize Lifecycle Stages: Here, you have the flexibility to customize lifecycle stages according to your specific needs. While HubSpot offers pre-defined stages, you can edit, add, or delete stages to align with your unique workflow.

#5 Be Cautious: If you already have data, be careful when changing lifecycle stages because it could affect how you do things now. Carefully think about what changes need to be made.

Once set up, lifecycle stages are an important part of your workflow because they let you handle tasks based on how each lead moves through the process. For example, you can give jobs, send custom emails, or update CRM records based on what part of the process a contact or company is in.

HubSpot provides seamless synchronization of lifecycle stages between contacts and associated companies. This ensures that any updates made to a company's lifecycle stage reflect accurately on associated contacts, maintaining data integrity and streamlining your operations.


In conclusion, mastering lifecycle stages in HubSpot is essential for effectively managing your leads and optimizing your marketing efforts. No matter how experienced you are with using lifecycle stages, they can help you develop leads more effectively and convert them into customers.

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