How to Setup Round Robin Meeting Link in HubSpot

How to Setup Round Robin Meeting Link in HubSpot
How to Setup Round Robin Meeting Link in HubSpot

Are you ready to make it easier for your team to schedule timings for meetings in HubSpot? The round-robin meeting method makes sure that everyone has an equal number of meetings and that your schedule works well. 

Don't look any further! In this detailed guide, we will show you how to set up round-robin meeting links in HubSpot. Let's jump right in!

Setting Up Round Robin Meeting Link in HubSpot

Here is a complete step-by-step guide on how to setup a round-robin meeting link in HubSpot:

#1 Accessing the Meetings Section

First things first, navigate to the 'Sales' tab at the top of your HubSpot dashboard. From there, click on 'Meetings' to proceed.

#2 Creating a Scheduling Page

In the Meetings section, locate the 'Create Scheduling Page' button situated in the top right corner. Click on it to initiate the setup process.

#3 Selecting Meeting Type

Choose the 'Round Robin Meeting' option from the available scheduling page types. This selection ensures that meetings are automatically distributed among your team members based on specified criteria.

#4 Customize Meeting Details

Provide relevant details such as an internal name, organizer, event title, and location. You can also integrate your preferred video conferencing tool or add a custom meeting URL for seamless connectivity.

#5 Adding Team Members

Next, add team members who will participate in the round-robin meetings. Depending on your team's size, you can include multiple members to ensure efficient distribution.

#6 Configuring Scheduling Options

Set scheduling preferences, including meeting duration, availability windows, buffer times, and start time increments. Tailor these settings to align with your team's availability and preferences.

#7 Customizing Form and Confirmation

Designate the required information to be collected from attendees via the scheduling form. Additionally, configure confirmation and reminder emails to keep participants informed and organized.

#8 Finalizing Setup

Review all settings and configurations before clicking on 'Create Scheduling Page' to finalize the setup. Your new round-robin meeting page is now ready to use!


You've successfully set up a round-robin meeting link in HubSpot, empowering your team with efficient scheduling capabilities. Streamline your meeting processes and ensure equal participation with this seamless solution.

If you require further assistance or wish to explore custom solutions, feel free to reach out to us for a personalized consultation in the comments section below, or you can reach us at CTA9.

We're here to help you optimize your HubSpot experience and achieve your goals efficiently.

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